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Academy of Couture Art Le Reve Gala celebrates next generation of haute couture

Beverly Hills — The Academy of Couture Art, recognized as being one of the leading accredited schools upholding the time honored tradition of haute couture technique and craftsmanship in made-to-order fashion design, hosted it’s annual gala at the Sofitel in Beverly Hills.  

Hosted by Rachel Bailit of the Conan O’Brien Show the 2012 event, Le Reve, celebrated achievements in design from full Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design degree graduates through to the teen couture program.  


Fashion Designer Angela Wu from the Academy of Couture Art

 Many special guests supported the special evening with the next generation of haute couture designers including the beautiful star of Tim Burton’s “Planet of the Ape’s” Miss Estella Warren; the stunning leading lady of Simon Wells’ “Time Machine” and multi-award winning recording artist Samantha Mumba; Leading fashion designer Louis Verdad; Miss Lois Aldrin; Miss Terri Gans in official capacity representing the French Consulate General in Los Angeles; Miss Southern California Fehbe Meza; Elizabeth Matthews from the LACMA Costume Council; Paul Mitchell’s John Paul deJoria II; and 45x-Gold Medalist, 3x-world Tae Kwon-Do Champion, 5x European Champion, 5th Degree Tae Kwon Do Black Belt, former Ford model and co-star of Warner Brother’s “Tekken”, Anton Kasabov.

Red Carpet Interviews with VIP Guests

The Academy of Couture is a genesis of true haute couture.  In developing their role in the global fashion community, the Academy of Couture Art created for 2012 an Honorary Board of Directors for the College inducting two members at the Le Reve Gala: Her Royal Highness Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark and Her Excellency Michelle Czernin von Chudenitz und zu Morzin.   Honorary Membership shows support for the ACA community and the mission of couture. Some members offer to make special guest appearances at our events or even hold intimate guest lectures in the college. Others choose to represent their support simply through the listing of college Honorary Members.

Founded by Sonia Été and Thierry Été, the Academy of Couture Art in Los Angeles provides an exclusive education in haute couture technique and design formerly unavailable outside of the leading European fashion houses.  Students learn the delicate process of creating one of a kind pieces.  From pattern making to handcrafted lace and beading, the program is an homage to the beauty, sophistication, innovation, intelligence, elegance and harmony of the creation.  

Graduates for their Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design including Maxfield Freiermuth, Sarah Kim, Mariana Romero Tejeda, and Angela Wu  presented their thesis collections.  Justin Howard, fashion columnist for the New York Times commented that his “ones [designers] to watch” list will be growing with names from the Academy!

For more on the show and key looks visit: http://www.academyofcoutureart.edu/success/

Academy of Couture Art

5700 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 275

Los Angeles, CA  90036

T   310 360 8888 x 120  |  F   310 857 6974






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Academy of Couture Art gets a double take from Monaco!

From Los Angeles to Monaco, the Academy of Couture Art designers are causing a double take within the industry. Able to hold their own on the couture circuit, this June 23 at the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles (near Beverly Hills) the secret to haute couture and the Academy of Couture Art will be revealed.

In Monaco, ACA designers presented a collection paired with red carpet couturier, Gilbert Chagoury Couture, at the Monaco Charity Film Festival held outdoors at the beautiful Villa & Jardins Ephrussi de Rothschild in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. The designs went beyond expectations.

Academy of Couture Art Pattern Designer Rachel NOURMAND (Images courtesy Lord Byron Photography)

Couture is not only a very specific and unique way of designing and making clothes, but it’s also a way of viewing the world. What makes the Academy of Couture Art so distinct is how it weaves couture through all aspects of the fashion industry. If you stick only to tailoring in couture, you’ve most likely missed the point.

So, what does it mean? Check it out! Le Rêve 2012 fashion show and gala by ACA tells the story of couture in perfect construction, design balance, mood of the collection, and special techniques to create magic in clothing from our graduating designers. You’ll even find looks that push forward what you would expect at a department store or large retail boutiques. After all, it’s about changing what we see everyday!

Pattern Designer Rachel NOURMAND (Academy of Couture Art) (Images: Lord Byron Photography)

Be sure to see it before the press. For more on tickets visit www.CoutureShows.com

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Le Rêve Haute Couture Fashion Show and Gala 2012

Academy of Couture Art designers are back in the atelier for a few major runway events. Designers Angela CHUY WU, Katherine ENYART, Sarah KIM, Rachel NOURMAND, Margaret ROBERTS, Mariana ROMERO TEJEDA, and Raquel VAN DAALEN WETTERS are in atelier in honor of Grace Kelly and a collection in presentation at the 7th Monaco Charity Film Festival in France this May.

This collection will make its U.S. debut at the Academy of Couture Art and Couture Guild International gala, Le Rêve, in June 2012. Le Rêve is in loving memory of Monsieur François Lesage, Maître d’art who was a influential friend of the ACA community.

The event includes haute couture looks from 12 graduate students. From the 2012 Academy of Couture Art Collide fashion show we saw amazing support from the community including the awarding of HRH Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark for her outstanding role model to the next generation of designers. She is also in attendance for Le Rêve in continued support of the fit, elegance, and creativity that is haute couture and how that can transform fashion industry production as we know it. We will also see special looks from mentorship programs with Parisian couturiers such as the notable Guillaume Cardoso de Sousa.

You are invited to join the movement as the Academy of Couture Art shares the celebration in an afternoon show. For more information and a peak at what the designers are doing for Le Rêve, visit www.CoutureShows.com.

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2012 Oscar Red Carpet Couturier Gilbert CHAGOURY in Fashion Show Prep

Just after the 2012 Oscar weekend, Academy of Couture Art continued the festivities with a special red carpet couture designer guest, Gilbert Chagoury of Chagoury Couture, in the atelier of Fashion Show Prep.

Mr. Chagoury’s meet and greet with our upcoming summer gala designers was priceless inspiration and motivation. Having just dressed Entertainment Tonight host Nancy O’Dell and Mingle Media TV’s Kristyn Burtt in stunning Oscar red carpet gowns, the maestro shared perspective on how to cope, work with, and make a beautiful presentation on such a momentous occasion.

The first audience question hit right on business and success. “How did you get started?” His double major in design and marketing took him from design with Dior to PR. Yet, on the side, he continued creating in his atelier. Orders kept growing and soon he was launching his own line. A very valuable example of being born as a designer and finding success in what you love to do. If you are a creator, you create!

As you can image, a common occurring question among designers in the premiere U.S. Couture fashion school looks at the relationship between custom, one-of-a-kind and ready-to-wear. Mr. Chagoury perfects his craft primarily in custom evening and wedding gowns but is growing his ready-to-wear. He has vision for touching more lives with beauty by extending his line to incorporate accessories and other collections.

For inspiration, sometimes one looks far and pulls from the magic and fantasy of the theatre. One source that has recently touched Mr. Chagoury comes directly from Vegas.

And what about taking risks? How does a designer be courageous working with color and fabrics you think don’t match but you love? How do you move forward when people say it won’t work?

“When you have a collection, one bold piece can be balanced by the 24 others. There is one lime green dress in my collection that the industry said would not work. Now it’s my best seller. I was telling everyone, “I see it!” and those are the pieces that work best. For ready-to-wear, it may be different, but for me, when someone wants couture, they want different. When you see a couture dress, you want Wow!”

In final thought we come to the question served in Academy of Couture Art’s degree programs and, more importantly, fashion show preparation and manufacturing courses. Does a designer need to know about pattern making? “Now, I simply do not have time. I have my pattern maker who knows my style and what I like. Yet still I go back and make changes to the pattern. A designer has to understand and know how to work with the pattern.”

Mr. Chagoury’s visit with Academy of Couture Art marks the budding of a growing shared mission to teach, inspire, and promote the next designers. We anticipate with excitement more to come in couture collaboration.

Academy of Couture Art Founder, Couturier Sonia Kim Ete, honors Red Carpet Couturier Gilbert Chagoury in Fashion Show Prep guest lecture

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Majoring in chic at L.A.’s fashion schools

Majoring in chic at L.A.’s fashion schools.

This LA Times article by Susan Carpenter is an interesting resource for anyone considering fashion schools especially in Los Angeles. For those questioning what Academy of Couture Art is doing different, check it out. Here’s an excerpt about the New Design College of Haute Couture.

…Located in a Wilshire Boulevard high-rise, the academy’s curriculum is focused entirely on French couture techniques for making clothes that are luxurious, hand-sewn and precisely fitted. Its associate and bachelor degree programs offer students choices in two areas of specialization — pattern making and fashion design.

“By offering degrees in the specialized professions, we train in how the industry actually works according to the division of labor,” Été says.

“Haute couture means highest creativity, highest technique,” adds Été, whose students have gone on to work with couturier Roberto de Villacis, Nolan Miller and Badgley Mischka. “We want to take a student to the couture level to teach them the thinking process, creativity and technique. If you study at the highest level, you can always trickle down to any level in the industry,” says Été, whose curriculum includes work with beading, feathers and furs as well as classes in business development, manufacturing collaboration and trend forecasting. …


Pattern Designers explore Moulage at Academy of Couture Art


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Couture in the City: West Coast Fashion goes Haute Couture

Bright white sun on the modern mid-rises makes the greenery distinct and the couture garments elegantly bold. For a Saturday afternoon downtown Portland you can feel glamour all around.

Not many would put those two together: Portland and glamour. This is an achievement that only the two best schools of beauty could create. Academy of Couture Art, Los Angeles and Paul Mitchell the School, Portland have redefined west coast fashion and beauty which has usually tended on the side of surf wear or woodland chic.

The Fest in the Square event makes a mark in the movement of couture in the U.S. It is a movement of education in what is couture. Too often couture gets lumped into either the unobtainable wild and crazy creativity that is solely for inspiration or the occasional bows added here and there to make something look cute like Chanel.

Couture is an aesthetic. It is a sophisticated training of the eye. For fashion, it is also a method of designing and creating clothing from the highest to the lowest. Balance, proportion, line are brought out from a different perspective. Couture is where creativity meets beauty. Let’s face it, not all creativity is pleasing or moving, yet all couture is artistically stimulating or attractive to the eye. That’s technique.

The show in Portland was the first time Academy of Couture Art designers partnered with the talent at Paul Mitchell the School, Portland. The whole team of hair artists, models and designers where inspired to take it to the max for elegance; an experience you do not often see in mid day Portland.

“What’s amazing about this experience is seeing even the models transform. Not only did the team at Paul Mitchell bring out the most sophisticated chicness in the ladies, the luxury fit garments of Academy of Couture Art had the girls experiencing a new totally view of who they are as women. You can see it in the photos.”

That said, we have to agree and let the photos speak. Cheers to the west coast woman!

Stay in trend with the movement | See more on Flickr

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West Coast Fashion: Paul Mitchell the school Portland and Academy of Couture Art

Paul Mitchell the school Portland Hair and Makeup team partners with Academy of Couture Art Bachelor Degree Fashion Designers as Creative Directors of the runway show Rock ‘n’ Dolls for Fest on the Square, Portland.

Presented by PDX Catwalk Productions & Portland House of Fashion & Academy of Couture Art, Los Angeles with Cat Walk Music Community, Music: Drum Jam & Keegan Smith August 6, 2011 Pioneer Square Portland, OR.

Runway designers include Angela CHUY, Kay ENYART, Max FREIERMUTH, Sarah KIM, Margaret ROBERTS, and Mariana ROMERO.

What more can a girl ask for? High energy rock and luxury couture looks. That is a recipe for Rock ‘n’ Dolls.

This Saturday, August 6, Hollywood brings the luxury, Austin brings real rock, and Portland speaks the voice of our generation. We love to see such important cities uniting on the West Coast. Watch out East Coast; this is the future of fashion!

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Academy of Couture Art Premiere Gala the stars Collide

Designer Kay ENYART

Academy of Couture Art’s 2010 Collide Grand Fashion Show Gala was definitely a breakthrough fashion event.

I was able to attend the show after having been anticipating the event for weeks. I’d heard about it through a friend and wanted to follow up to learn more about what an Haute Couture Fashion Show could actually mean for the American fashion industry. Now I’m realizing it means revitalization, promise, a new cutting-edge, and inspiration. I was truly inspired.

Sonia and Thierry Ete, CEO and COO respectively, are passionate and vision-driven leaders of this fast-emerging Haute Couture movement in America. Michelle Myers, the Director of Admissions, introduced me to them and was very generous with her time and knowledge about this work as well. I had been able to reach both of them before the event to ask them to shed some light on the importance of organizing an event like this. This event incorporated the fine art of fashion (Haute Couture) with the art of drama (actors and actresses) and the fine art of music (Red Violinist), as well as introducing these art forms to royalty (Princesses and Baronesses). I learned that it was crucial to re-introduce Haute Couture fashion to America through an event that represents it as a distinctive fine art among and alongside other influential art forms. Art inspires art, and art, in turn, inspires society and culture. Thierry Ete told me this about Academy of Couture Art’s aspirations for its students, “Haute Couture creates major statements and identities through clothing. It’s an expression of the soul, and an even more significant statement of a human being. It’s expressing the magnificence and purpose of your existence. This allows our students to realize they have an important piece of the puzzle: a deep connection to their creative mind that is also serving the community and creating a legacy. They are enhancing and multiplying the most important truths about the human purpose.”

The impact of Haute Couture is that it’s the highest of fashion technique. Until Academy of Couture Art, this level of fashion education was not even available in America. And I think everyone will agree, with the pervasiveness of sportswear and the fact that most high-end designers are being imported, America is in obvious need of its own capability to create, produce, and have a presence in luxury fashion. After seeing what I saw from the Academy’s Grand Fashion Show, I’m finally believing this could be an answer to break the cycle.

The garments I saw coming down the runway were timeless, beautiful, each with its own personality and presence. I was grateful to these young designers for putting their minds and hands to garments fresh and original, each with a dedication to the highest of quality and craftsmanship. Some standout designs were Boris Ramos’ creations of navy, lace, and apple green, flowing and swirling their flawless fit. Also, Angela Chuy’s pink creampuff bubble dress prancing down the runway with tiny white shorts just peeking out from under. I love these personal identities coming through, both from the designers and on the models.

For a premier fashion show, Academy of Couture Art’s 2010 Collide Grand Fashion Show Gala exceeded my expectations. And ACA’s next fashion show, I can assure you, I am anxiously awaiting.

Designer Sabrina YADEGAR

Designer Angela CHUY

Designer Mariana ROMERO

Designer Collaboration Tribute

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Haute Couture Celebrated by Royals & Celebrities: Los Angeles

ACA Founder Sonia ETE and Lloyd KLEIN of Lloyd Klein Couture

In a stunning display of fine Haute Couture collections, the Academy of Couture Art hosted a première Haute Couture fashion show last Saturday July 24th at the Sofitel Los Angeles. With one-of-a-kind garments expressing creative sophistication, refinement and elegance, designers amazed the celebrity filled ballroom at the grand gala.
Hosted by Viviana Vigil of NBC’s 1st look, the extravagant evening included a performance from the Red Violinist Elizabeth Pitcairn as well as celebrity attendees including: Max Ryan, Scott Elrod, “Bachelorette” Ali Fedotowsky, “Bachelorette” producer Cassie Lambert, world renowned pianist Carter Larsten, Jake Collins, Mason Canter, Marc Chamberlain, ABC’s “On The Red Carpet” Bruce Reynolds, NYPD Blue’s Charlotte Ross, former supermodel Elizabeth TenHouten, Baronesse Bettina von Schimmelmann, Consul General Daniel Kumermann of the Czech Republic; Deputy Consul General Iris Valverde of Peru.

This was also a royal occasion honoring Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark. Princess Dalal Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia was also in attendance. Baroness Kimberly Moore, stunning in her Roberto Cavalli original, presented the award for Miss Teen Couture to one young aspiring designer. The stunning PK Applegate looked ravishing in her slate grey silk J. Mendel original gown sat next to the irrepressible stylist to the stars and Editor at Large for GenLux Magazine George Blodwell.
It was truly an amazing audience as Countess Michelle Czernin Von Chudenitz remarked, “I believe this is one of the first events where every single “celebrity” on the tip sheet attended!”

The show was as remarkable as the audience. Phenomenal garments graced the runway in collections that highlighted the talent of ACA graduates and members of the pre-college Teen Couture Club. Conveying the essence, principles, and concepts of Haute Couture, ACA designers’ collections exuded beauty, elegance, perfection, and uniqueness.
The couture show all but started concurrent with the arrival of leading Couturier Lloyd Klein and John Arguelles, and the collections gained much applause and attention from the high-profile audience.

The models looked remarkable with hair by celebrity stylist Sean James; and the make-up by Madonna and Gisele Bunchen’s celebrity artists Tiffany Saxby and Gina Brooke.

The event, produced by Eva Di Shanni of Fabulous, was a grand success. The talented designers of the Academy of Couture Art impressed the high-profile audience in a show that paves the way for making waves in fashion.

HRH Princess THEODORA of Greece and Denmark

Ali FEDOTOWSKY of The Bachelorette

Max RYAN of Sex and The City 2

Scott ELROD of The Switch

Charlotte ROSS of Glee

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July 24 2010 the stars Collide precision, attraction, imagination with passion

ACA 2010 Grand Fashion Gala Revealing the highest of design talent in Nouvelle Couture Collections including exclusive designs for Swarovski and Lloyd Klein Couture on the Grand Fashion Runway at the Sofitel, Los Angeles. If you’re passionate about elegance, luxury, and the fine art of fashion, join the movement! Tickets are $25 with stamp for evening dancing and mixer: www.acawh.com/Home/ACAEvents.html

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